Cryptic Disk v.2.7.0


Many home PC users face the problem of keeping their personal files and documents secure and protected against unauthorized or undesirable access by other people.This is particularly relevant when their PC/laptop needs repair or a simple operating system reinstallation is required that cannot be performed by a user without turning to specialists,meaning the PC with all the personal information should be given to a stranger. In the absence of a proper solution, an average user would accept the situation as it is and hand their computer to a master in a hope their “pictures won’t be of any interest to anybody”and “the master is a professional and would not want to violate my privacy by accessing my documents”;or use USB devices or external hard drives to keep the data they consider most sensitive and confidential on them until the PC is back from the repair.However,there is a much more effective solution to the problem of keeping personal files away from the eyes of a stranger- that is disk encryption software.Cryptic Disk is a reliable and professional tool to encrypt and password protect a disk/partition where confidential and private information will afterwards be stored.Complicated as it may sound,the encryption procedure offered by this program is actually very simple,so that a person of any PC user experience can implement it.As simple as one click, disk encryption with Cryptic Disk ensures reliable password protection(the same encryption algorithm is used by the FBI and NASA)of personal files and documents on such a disk.No one will be able to access it unless they know the password to the encrypted disk.Thus,in the case of a PC requiring repair but now having an encrypted disk/partition,the master would perform the repair without even knowing there is an encrypted disk/partition:it will be visible neither to them nor to the system.The same happens if the whole hard drive is encrypted and password protected:it will be inaccessible even when taken out of the PC.

Secure/encrypt/password protect private files. When a PC/laptop needs to be repaired or given to a stranger,Cryptic Disk is a secure and easy tool to encrypt and password protect a disk/partition where confidential and private files will be stored.They can’t be accessed without a valid password ...

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  • Cryptic Disk
  • 2.7.0
  • EXLADE, Inc.
  • WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003, Windows Vista
  • Shareware
  • 2.55 Mb
  • 322
  • $49.95

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