Ignis v.0.5


ignis is a special backup program for the SOHO sector. It implements a full-backup strategy, a mix between the backup schemes of GFS and Tower of Hanoi.ignis project is meant for backing up onto DVDs or simular media. Normally, it is called via cron to perform the backups and checks. Reports are sent via mail. The ignis project is licensed under the GPL (v2 or later) !If you have following scenario ignis is the backup solution for you:???N—?… all the important data fits onto one medium, e.g: DVD-RAM (only full backups onto one medium per run is supported)???N—?… the backup should run unattended e.g. once a week on a fixed day???N—?… the backup is done on a Linux system (other Unixes have not been tested so far) which is running at least always at the time the automatic backup is done???N—?… the backup operator which changes the mediums is not able or too lazy to do more than that (changing the mediums)In short ignis is the backup solution for the SOHO sector. Only the setup needs to be done by someone with experience with Linux, the operation can be done just by knowing how to read mails and change the mediums. So its perfect for you (where your girlfriend (or boyfriend) is the backup operator) or for your (even windows using) friend/customer, which has a small company with a Linux file server.

ignis is a special backup program for the SOHO ...

  • Ignis
  • 0.5
  • Robert Penz
  • Linux
  • Freeware
  • 104 Kb
  • 125
  • Free

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