3dfx TV Out Tool v.0.0.3


The 3dfx TV Out Tool tries to be the well-known 'TV Tool' for the 3dfx VooDoo3 cards. It might work on other cards based on the bt869 chip, since it uses the bt869 lm_sensors module.Simply typing 'make' or 'make all' should get you started and create an executable '3dfx_tvtool' which you simply run AFTER you loaded the appropiate modules (if you built it into the kernel (which isn't a bad idea if you use your tv-out a whole lot) then you don't have to load the modules again). ALSO!! Patch your lm_sensors. In the 'extra' dir I included 2 patches for lm_sensors package, you'll need those patched or you won't get luma (brightness) and chroma (color) control at all. (The buttons will simply dissapear) If you have a rescent CVS version it MIGHT be in there allready.Just load the modules and see if there exists a luma and a chroma entry in /proc.Colorbars On/Off: Enables/Disables the colorbars. TV Out: Enabled/disabled Enables/disables the TV-out function. TSC/PAL: put the system on NSTC/PAL mode.Re-apply: 'update' the kernel with your settings in case you did it too fast. Save: Saves your current kernel settings (all of them) to the default save file. Load: Loades your default file and applies it's settings to the kernel. Quit: Quits the application.Bugreports should go to oliver@are-b.org aswell as any other feedback. Oh one more thing, if you like this program, contributions can be sent to me aswell.Thanks go out to all members of the Collective, but mostly mrfloppy, for beeing a good friend, phirox for helping me with my basic programming skill and last but not least mastex and thehatter wassup dudes.

The 3dfx TV Out Tool tries to be the ... 3dfx TV Out Tool 0.

  • 3dfx TV Out Tool
  • 0.0.3
  • oliver
  • Linux
  • Freeware
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