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Trance-Gate was developed to be a VST plugIn for the creation of gate effects. The opening and closing of the gate is triggered by incoming MIDI-notes - note on events trigger the opening phase, note-off events trigger the closing phase.As opposed to gates with a built in step sequencer this has two advantages: first, it gives the user more flexibility in the rhythmic opening and closing because the user can take full advantage of all MIDI functions which the chosen sequencer software provides (different note-lengths for each step, changing rythms, etc.). And second: the plugIn is small and does not take much space on the monitorHere are some key features of "Trance-Gate":Parameters:dlTE Gain: This is a gain value for the incoming signal. Taken alone, this seems not to make much sense in a gate-plugIn. Within the trance gate, however, this parameter can be made velocity dependent via the attached "Vel" control. You can therefore realize different volumes for the different steps.dlTE Vel: see above.dlTE Att: Attack time of the gate - this is the time which the gate needs to open after receiving a note-on event.dlTE Vel: This attack time can be made velocity dependent, too. Positive values will increase the attack time for velocities > 64 and decrease it for velocities < 64. For negative values, it is the other way around.dlTE Rel: Release time of the gate - the time, the gate needs for closing, after a note-off event has been received.dlTE Vel: works the same way, as the "Vel"-control for the attack time.dlTE Amt: abbreviates amount. This knob therefore controls the overall effect of the gate. In principle, this is somehow a crossfader between the original and the gated signal - just like a Dry/Wet control (although it is implemented differently).

Trance-Gate was developed to be a VST plugIn ... A VST plugIn for the creation of gate effects ...

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