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New improved AudioCommander audio user interface for Andrea USB devices provides the same great features customers have always enjoyed with a new look and feel. Now featuring full bandwidth VU meters for input and output, new PureAudiod-OC?D? noise reduction filtering for hearing clean audio output as well as new DSDA3d-OC?D? microphone array beam steering. Including, Side Tone for monitoring your recording and the ability to enable multiple filters independently. AudioCommander is SKYPE certified.Features:Noise Cancellation:Speaker output is enhanced with Andrea's PureAudiod-OC?D? noise reduction for removing noise from your VoIP received audio. By cleaning up the signal you are listening to, you increase intelligibility. Graphic Equalizer:Includes a high fidelity 10 band Graphic Equalizer with preset selections for the specific control of bass, mid-range and treble audio levels for customizing the sound tone to fit your music type.Stereo Noise Cancellation:Microphone input has PureAudiod-OC?D? noise reduction on left and right channels that removes repetitive and stationary noise from your microphone signals as well as electrical buzz from noisy power sources. Acoustic echo cancelation:EchoStopd-OC?D? is a full duplex acoustic echo cancelation algorithm enabling both the speaker to broadcast and microphone to transmit simultaneously, turning your PC into a high quality speakerphone. EchoStopd-OC?D? has PureAudio noise reduction built-in for minimizing annoying background noises to enhance your VoIP communication experience. Light beam forming:DSDA2 is a directional beam forming noise reduction software that provides directional array microphone noise reduction. DSDA2 is designed to enable far-field (headset free) speech recognition command and control performance with our SuperBeam array microphone accessory. Aggressive Beam Forming:DSDA3d-OC?D? is an adaptive beam forming noise reduction algorithm that provides extreme directional array microphone noise cancellation performance. Both DSDA2/3 have stationary or manual steering control of beam direction. Enhance VoIP communications and videoconferencing applications for clear conversations in noisy environments without the need for a close talking boom microphone. Beam Direction:Beam Direction is a new beam steering feature that enables an accurate manual control to steer the microphone beam to point towards your desired reception direction. Microphone boost:Microphone Boost provides microphone pre-amplification of up to +30dB of additional input gain to your microphone sensitivity, for picking up even the most faint sounds in your recording environment. No Filters:Provides unfiltered true left and right stereo microphone audio input for high fidelity stereo recording.

New improved AudioCommander audio user ...

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