DICOManage v.1.0

Do you have a bunch of DICOM images whose names doesn't mean anything? Would you like to extract just a few patient from your DICOM file database? Maybe save them to a disk with names that are DICOMDIR compatible? Do you want to push just a few of your images to a PACS but can't find the images you need among the thousands you have on your drive?
DICOManage is a Windows tool that allows you to manage your DICOM files.

DICOManage will present you with a list of all the DICOM files in the specified directory tree. That list can be sorted by file names, patient names, patient ID, study ID or study date. From that list, you select the files you want and then, you can either copy or move them somewhere else, or push them to the PACS. If you copy or move them, you have different renaming options.

You can rename them so that they will be in a DICOMDIR compatible structure (the directory and file names only have 8 upercase characters). If you chose that option, you can then use our DICOM_Dir tool to create a DICOMDIR file.
You can create subdirectories for each patient with either the patient's name, ID or study ID as directory name.
You can create a subdirectory per series.
You can have the files renamed with a ExxxSyyyIzzz.dcm file name where xxx is the study ID, yyy is the series number and zzz is the image number.

Do you have a bunch of DICOM images whose ...

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  • DICOManage
  • 1.0
  • 25 May 12
  • TomoVision
  • WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64
  • Freeware
  • 3.66 Mb
  • 478
  • Free

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