Mailsmith-GPG Scripts v.0.3


Mailsmith, the e-mail client developed by BareBones, had native PGP support in its MacOS 9 version, but this feature is still not available under MacOS X. The reason is that there is actually no MacOS X port of PGP. However, thanks to some developers, the open source alternative to PGP (GPG, which is fully compatible with the former), has been ported to Darwin. Mailsmith-GPG Scripts is an Applescript package for Mailsmith to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify messages using GPG. Enhancements: - added Artistic License to the package, - all operations are done without using filesystem (no more Temp directory, much faster, less buggy), - merged Decrypt and Verify scripts in a combined, "intelligent" one, - added a combined "Sign & Encrypt" script, - Encrypt now supports multiple recipients (automatically taken from "To:" field), - Encrypt now uses -v option in gpg instead of -q, to get verbose output, - partially fixed a bug that made scripts fail when key name contained a single quote char.

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