Insight Developer for Windows v.2.11 Build 14


Insight Developer is an lightweight, user friendly and cost-effective solution for Oracle database development. Features:ConnectionsInsight Developer connect to the following database versions: OracleOracle9id-OC?D? Database OracleOracle Database 10g OracleOracle Database 11gOracle SQL or PL/SQL EditorThe Oracle SQL or PL/SQL Editor is used for most SQL and PL/SQL statement creation, with features such as a tabbed file interface, syntax highlighting, SQL and PL/SQL formatting, auto-completion hints and shortcuts, and much more.Database ExplorerThe Database Browser is used to quickly navigate the entire database for detailed information on various database object using a simple schema-to-object tree view. Various functions may be invoked from the Database Browser, including adding referential integrity, adding indexes, analyzing objects, generating DDL scripts, dropping objects, and viewing the Oracle 10g Recycle Bin contents.Execute Store ProgramExecute Consolte allow execute stored programs, including procedures, packages, package bodies, and functions with options for selecting the entry point, previewing the PL/SQL code block, setting IN parameters, displaying OUT parameters, and viewing results. Store Program can executed from Database Explorer or PL/SQL Editor Explain PlanThe Explain Plan interface, a statement analysis tool, is used to describe and optimize the access paths of your SQL code using both the standard tree and a step-by-step description of each execution.Integrated PL/SQL DebuggerThe Integrated PL/SQL Debugger allows a user to diagnose complications within anonymous PL/SQL blocks and underlying methods (packages, procedures, etc.). The debugger comes equipped with the ability to set and control the attributes of breakpoints, exception handling, variable value hints, the call stack, a variables list, and evaluating or modifying variable values. PL/SQL Performance TuningProfiler interface grants the ability to execute and cache statistical information on PL/SQL blocks and methods (packages, procedures, etc.). The Profiler Analysis displays this statistical information allowing a user to compare executions or view the execution statistics line by line to determine performance problems. Session ManagerProvides manageability of database sessions, including user and system locks. Allowing the user to kill/disconnect sessions, start traces and monitor open cursors and user queries with execution plans. Difference ViewerThe Difference Viewer displays the compared objects in a split window. Differences between the objects are highlighted. It allow compare of objects with PL/SQL fileSQL or PL/SQL Formatter (Beautifier)The SQL or PL/SQL formatter provides a quick and easy way of formatting SQL or PL/SQL statements. The fomatter has different options to allow users the ability to customize the formatter to his preference. (Only window)

Insight Developer is an lightweight, user ...

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  • Insight Developer for Windows
  • 2.11 Build 14
  • T&C Solution
  • WinXP, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Shareware
  • 3.5 Mb
  • 136

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