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OverviewAre you working with many databases? You migrate data from MSSQL to Oracle, maybe another databases. Do you work with many different databases in the same time? Do you need an easy-to-use sql tool for each of them. It becomes hard when you have to use different tool for every database engine. Why not having all your databases management in one place and save hours while working with it?dbDeveloper is a visual development tool for multiple databases.With the intuitive and powerful interface it allows you to explore, create and change structure of every database in an easy way.It offers variety of functions from development via tuning up to the deployment and data manipulation.One of the main goals of dbDeveloper is speed. It is designed to be fast and undemanding. You can connect directly to all most popular database servers using the single interface so that you can make your work faster and more efficient.At low purchase costs dbDeveloper can enhance your business processes through unifying development and administration features in one tool. Initial training, installation, maintenance and support are all cost factors reduced due to the uniform concept of dbDeveloper.Key benefits * Centralized database management: Work with all popular database engines using one tool and a single consistent interface. Manage all versions and editions of your databases. * Superior performance and fast response: Native data access technology makes navigating databases extremely fast. * Extended features: Extra database properties (tablespaces, sessions, locks, etc...). Every database engine has its own peculiarity. dbDeveloper gives you an access to those unique features. * Intellisense SQL editor: Easily write and execute your SQL queries and stored procedures with syntax highlighting, code completion and SQL formatter. * Stored procedures: Compile, run, test and analyze your database objects: procedures, functions, triggers etc. * Advanced SQL formatter: Format your SQL code with configurable data formatter. * Reverse Engineering: See the database presented as Entity Relationship Diagrams. * Enhanced data manipulation: Quickly modify grid data and save query results as XML, HTML, and CSV with one click. Who uses dbDeveloper? * DBA dbDeveloper has all what DBA needs to perform daily duties. Fine tuning does not require the knowledge of complex commands anymore! * Developers This tool is mainly aimed for database developers. Easy and quick access to all server resources from one IDE makes development faster and error proof. Script generator makes deployment of your solution (DB, users, jobs, maintenance plans) flexible and painless. * End users End users of your solution may use the tool for data access and manipulation. Simple installation and easy-to-use interface.

OverviewAre you working with many databases? ...

  • DbDeveloper
  • 2.30.00
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