ProtoWall v.2.01


Protowall is a lightweight program that runs in the background, taking up little CPU and memory, while blocking thousands of bad IP addresses. In Protowall, all the work is done by the driver that filters each packet, extracts the IP header and then compares the address with the ones in the table, then either discards or permits the packet to pass. The GUI is essentially a "driver instructor" that communicates to the driver the IP list to check against. The GUI also receives notifications from the driver when a packet arrives and when actions are performed with a packet. Protowall Blocks both inbound and outbound packets. Protowall blocks incoming packets from Internet addresses that are on the Bluetack Blacklists. This is handled by another program called the Blocklist Manager. This program finds and retrieves lists of bad IP addresses. They are sorted (overlapping resolved) and then converted to various formats such as Protowall, PeerGuardian & other common applications and firewalls. Why does Protowall stand above the rest? Traditionally, many firewalls are resource hogs and have a tendency to crash your system. This is worsened when you try to add extra IP addresses for it to block. Protowall, however, is driver based, meaning it blocks packets at the system level, allowing for fast, lightweight and efficient operation. Protowall leaves a very small footprint on your resources, even under heavy uploading/downloading, and is very accurate at blocking packets. Does Protowall contain Spyware? Absolutely Not! There are no hidden programs in Protowall. The Bluetack team is committed to providing an Internet security solution that is free of any devious spyware/malware. Protowall has no ads either. Many ask why Protowall isnt open source - Protowall has nothing to hide, but it remains closed source to prevent cloning and others stealing its code.

Protowall is a lightweight program that runs ...

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  • ProtoWall
  • 2.01
  • B.I.S.S.
  • Windows 2003, XP, NT
  • Freeware
  • 1.96 Mb
  • 208
  • Free

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