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Beesoft Tracer project is a suite of tools for a remote debugging of running program. All elements are wrote in pure C++ with using STL library. The communication between elements is via sockets: so called unix domain socket and TCP/IP.Elements of Beesoft Tracer system:In whole process are used three applications.1) the debugged program, which sends informations about own states to the server,2) the trace server, named 'tracesrv', is a program collecting all information coming from the debugged program. The information can be send to one client program, if this is connected.3) the trace client, receives information from the trace server, and displays them in text mode. GUI client is already in development and will be soon available.Advantages of system:- the debugged program is executed only a bit slower, almost goes normal and simultaneously sends all debugging information, which need a programmer for debugging. Information are sent to the server via unix domain socket.- the client program, which displays received information, can be in other computer - in remote host (or at the same). Information are receiving via TCP/IP protocol.How can you use it?To debugging the remote program it is needed:1) download source code of Beesoft Tracer to disk,2) build a library 'libbstrace' and the programs 'tracesrv' and 'tracecli' (use 'make' ),3) add a appropriate macros into the source code of the program which should be debugged (macros are defined in the header file 'Tracer.h') and in compile time link static library 'libbstrace.a'.After that you are ready for debugging!To run the debugging enviroment:1) start (followed programs must be run on the same machine):a) first 'tracesrv'b) next debugged program ( for tests in packet is accesible program 'example'),2) on remote or on the same machine start client 'tracecli'.In the package file you can find the source code of the 'example' program. There you can see the right using of necessary macros!

Beesoft Tracer project is a suite of tools for ... Beesoft Tracer is a suite of tools for a remote debugging of running program.

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