Blubster v.3.07


Highest quality filesHighly regarded as one of the most effective file-sharing programs, Blubster not only offers you the ability to find just about any (.MP3) song out there, it also offers you the possibility to find professional quality streaming files - Ogg Vorbis, in your downloads. (.OGG)User interactionCommunicating with other users is as simple as a click. Once your client program connects with one of our gateways you can search and download mp3 music files from the entire MANOLITO protocol community. With an unlimited number of peers connecting to its network, chat and ovoice chato are available and can get you in touch with any user you find in the network.Online FriendsBy creating a "Hot List", you can always see if your friends are connected to the MP2P network. This is not only a good way to "keep in touch" with your friends, but also the easiest and best way to make new friends online with the same musical interests as you.Easy to use interfaceBlubster offers an excellent graphical user interface (GUI) with clear buttons that make your downloading process very simple. The navigation toolbar is placed on top and makes it very simple to access your shared folder, searches and files transfers. Your media player is located at the bottom and youlll have full controll of how your music sounds without much complexity.High speed downloadsThe estimated download time for a file is incredibly superior due to our advanced MANOLITO protocol. The incredible speed that the MANOLITO protocol reaches is due to the thousands of users that are part of this online community. Blubster searches the network for all available sources for a file and selects the fastest sources to start downloading. The program conducts file downloads at a great speed, not forgetting the quality factor: your music downloads will be automatically verified to avoid errors or fake files.Resumeable DownloadsWhen the download begins, Blubster will check fingerprints in order to download from multiple hosts. This provides extremely fast, never seen before results. If you try to download a file you already had in the download process, you can choose to resume, overwrite, rename or cancel the download. When you find a file you already store in your hard disk, you can play it from within the search result itself.PlaylistUsing our free software you will be able to manage all of your files using a playlist, listening to them with the new internal music player. This saves you time and offort, offering an extremely high quality sound, loading your mp3s directly from your "My Shared Folder".Advanced SearchingYou can also customize the search engine by entering parameters for bitrate or file size. This will allow you to help you find exactly what you want, with the quality you want and the size you want.Web LinksWeb links provide a new and exciting way to share your music. Just a couple of clicks away and you will allow be able to share your files to be turned into links which can be placed in web pages, or entered into a standard web browser. When you click a web link, Blubster will open and download the file.

Highest quality filesHighly regarded as one of ...

  • Blubster
  • 3.07
  • BlubsterO
  • Win Vista, 2000, 2003, XP
  • Freeware
  • 6.6 Mb
  • 150
  • Free

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