Unlimited FTP Pro v.2.8.5


UnlimitedFTP is the worlds first commercial Java FTP client applet. First released in 2000, UnlimitedFTP is a culmination of almost 4 years of working with our customers to implement the features they need. This interaction has resulted in more than 100 customizable parameters making our FTP applet the most robust, configurable, and user friendly FTP applet on the market. Years of testing and development also ensure it is supported on the widest range of platforms and web browsers. UnlimitedFTP Professional is the ultimate FTP applet, boasting over one-hundred configurable parameters and a wealth of features. UnlimitedFTP Pro allows users to drag-and-drop files between local and remote systems similar to that of Windows Explorer, as well as a completely customizable interface. features. * Supports all FTP commands including resume function for broken file transfers. * Exceptional Mac support (includes Mac OS9). * Multilanguage support. * Intuitive graphical user interface with Windows Explorer look-and-feel. * More than 100 parameters to customize the look-and-feel to integrate with exisiting website. * Customizable options to display left pane, right pane, status bars and FTP buttons. * Quick site synchronization making it easy to upload, download, and mirror files across multiple servers. * File masking, listing of files using exclude and include file parameters. * Integration with UnlimitedFTP Servlet to bypass proxy and firewall concerns.

UnlimitedFTP is the worlds first commercial ...

  • Unlimited FTP Pro
  • 2.8.5
  • Unlimi-Tech Software, Inc
  • Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT, Mac
  • Shareware
  • 1.41 Mb
  • 265
  • $299.00

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