WideStream v. Beta 1


WideStream supports multi-threaded downloads, download by ranges (can interrupt and continue downloads at any moment), direct and indirect HTTP downloads, HTTP redirects, FTP downloads, network traffic management, download priorities, host manager and offers rich configurability and easy to use and user friendly UI.WideStream was created using .NET Framework 3.5 and runs on any version of Microsoft Windows (both 32 bit and 64 bit) starting from Windows 2000.WideStream is an open source software released under Artistic License 2.0 - it means that its source code is available to public and you can always download a latest version of project code from WideStream SVN repository hosted by SourceForge.net. Also WideStream is totally freeware.Why choose WideStream Download Manager? Questions? Proposals? Need Help?WideStream is a free software. You can redistribute and modify it under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0. You can download it's binaries and source code with no fee and even get a free technical support.WideStream offers you rich functionality, HTTP and FTP managers, free of charge. It is easy to use and has the same features as commercial products.WideStream is an application of new generation build on a .NET platform. .NET makes applications more safe and secure. It is even automatically optimized on a fly to your computer and much more. If you have any questions and suggestions considering the latest file release of the project you can post your question or comment in one of the WideStream forums, which can be found at SourceForge.Fill free to contact us through email if you have any proposal or you want to participate in project in some way (see Contacts page for more details).Create a bug record or feature request in SourceForge.net bug tracker - it will help us to improve the project and to understand what functionality is most expected. freeware, download manager, free download manager, ftp explorer, ftp manager, free ftp manager, download, download files, download queue, mp3, donwload log, download statistics, open source software, artistic license, sourceforge.net, free open source software, GUI, download acceleration

WideStream supports multi-threaded downloads, ...

  • WideStream
  • Beta 1
  • WideStream Team
  • Win XP, 2003, 2000, Vista
  • Freeware
  • 205 Kb
  • 138
  • Free

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