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You are a chemist or doing some jobs relating the chemical databases. Everyday you have to deal with a number of structures or records. And you need to find out something to help you? The ChemDBsoft Lite is an effective tool for you to manage the chemical databases. This contains a great number of structures or records, up to 50,000 And now these are the ChemDBsoft Lite Version's features: Fast and simple interface to create databases. A new database can be created in seconds! Fast data browsing and sorting by any field. Search by structure, substructure, similarity or any other data field. Multiple database search - you can search several databases with one query! 70 Free structure templates and a sample database are included. Unlimited Import/Export in various data formats (SDF, TXT, JCAMP-LINK, etc..) Windows 95/98/NT/2000 compatible Duplicate removal feature (removes records with identical structures, molecular weight, ID, or any other data field) Fast multiple database searching, sorting, comparison, merging Supports common data formats SDF, MOL, JCAMP and others Includes Free Structure Editor (a $900 value! ) Printing Templates Data password protection Database size is up-to 50,000 structures/records. To manage unlimited-size (10,000,000 structures/records) databases please consider ChemDbsoft Standard Version. About price: it costs as low as $50 for government/academic users and $250 for commercial - a fraction of cost of what youd pay for other software titles with similar functions. You can contact us for multiple license pricing

You are a chemist or doing some jobs relating ...

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  • ChemDBsoft Lite
  • Windows 2000, 98, NT
  • Shareware
  • 5.24 Mb
  • 385
  • $50.00

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