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There are a number of things that you can avoid to prevent your metabolic rate being reduced further.These include:1) ALCOHOL: Alcoholic drinks are full of sugar and calories.Alcohol is also known to cause dehyrdration which has a negative impact on the functioning of your metabolism. An occasional alcoholic drink is OK but binge drinking and/or drinking every day can lead to a reduced metabolism.2) BIG MEALS: Larger meals contain more calories than smaller meals.Therefore, there is an increased likelihood that additional calories will be stored as fat. To maximise your metabolism you have to break these large meals down into smaller meals that you eat more frequently.3) SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE: If you are not active your metabolic rate will decline.To keep your metabolic rate at a reasonable level you need to keep yourself active on a daily basis. This is not as difficult as you think.You can walk or cycle to work, take up an exercise class, or join a sports team.Just make sure the activity you choose is fun, can be performed regularly and keeps you active.

There are a number of things that you can ... Let you avoid to prevent your metabolic rate being reduced further.


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