NJStar Japanese Word Processor v.5.30


* Support both traditional Chinese characters (Hong Kong/Taiwan) and simplified Chinese characters (China/Singapore); convert/switch between traditional and simplified Chinese with "one to many" intelligent mapping. * "Virtual Soft Keyboard" maps standard English/Western keyboard layout to Chinese keyboard. * Copy formatted Chinese text between NJStar WP and Microsoft Word in either matafile-picture format or Unicode RTF format; Also open and/or save in RTF format. * Save as HTML, Send email and copy text in different codes, Automatic wrap clipboard text. * Character Sets: Supports 13,000 Big5 and 6700 GB2312 character sets. * Input Methods: Continuous Pinyin (LianPin), Standard Pinyin, Zhuyin, Cantonese, FiveStrokes, CangJi, Radical lookup, etc... more than 20 methods. * Chinese-English Dictionary: Chinese to English and English to Chinese two-way fast lookup, with 60,000+ entries in the dictionary. * Learning Chinese: with HanziInfo function; Converts a block of Chinese text to Pinyin with tone. * Bilingual Menu: Display menu items in either English (default), simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese. * File Conversion: Reads and Writes GB, Big5, HZ. Exports to Graphics format for other Windows desktop publishing software. * Fonts: Bitmap Fonts are supplied in Basic Version, NJStar True Type Chinese Fonts are supplied in Professional Versions. * Full 32-bit Windows program, works under Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT/2000/XP. No other software required. Comes with dockable toolbar, status bar, search bar, input bar and ruler. * Character Formatting: Multiple font faces and point sizes; Multiple foreground and background colors; Character styles include Bold, Italic, Underline. Superscript & Subscript. * Paragraph Formatting: Left Indentation, right Indentation, hanging Indentation, centering, left and/or right justification, double spacing. * Tab Support: Left, right, center and decimal tab positions. Tabs can be shown on the ruler. * Block Editing: Highlights block with mouse or keyboard, cut, paste or delete the block, multiple (currently 200) level undo. Fast two-way search and flexible text replacement. * Embedded Picture: Import pictures from disk file or clipboard, supports Bitmap, Device independent bitmap and metafile formats. * File Input and Output: Supports the import and export of normal Text format, Rich Text Format (RTF - compatible with WinWord) and NJStar native format. Unlimited file size using Windowsd-deOao virtual memory capability. * Printing: Works on all printers that Windows supports; "Vertical Printing" capability. * Double-Byte Editing: Automatic line wrap with consideration of punctuations. Full double-byte aware, no nonsense half character. All operations are performed on full characters. * Other Features: Page break and automatic repagination; Pages header and footer; Multiple columns format; Table support; Protected and hidden text.

* Support both traditional Chinese characters ...

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  • NJStar Japanese Word Processor
  • 5.30
  • NJStar Software Corp
  • WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Shareware
  • 8.46 Mb
  • 309

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