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Will I develop, resell, or use for personal purposes?
Would I renew this domain if the domain makes nothing and gets no traffic at renewal time?
Is it a dot com?
Is it brandable and does the name make sense?

People talk about domains getting traffic without advertising. Yes these are valuable but a domain that is branded and also has this inherent traffic is much more valuable.

For example, how much would you pay for the domain $100, $200?

Now if it was developed and started making $1,000, $5,000 etc per month, how much would you pay for the domain and the company? If it was getting 90,000 visitors a month and was generating a good income with little effort, then what would you pay?

The domain name is the first step to an online presence and a very important one but branding and developing it increases the value of that domain many more times.

Now take the domain Sold for $7.5 million. If that company was making another $1 million on top of that annually, how much would that company be worth or just the domain alone?

Now fast forward two years to 2003 when the Internet traffic increases 100 fold.

Just wanted to give you some perspective as the forum was getting these ads for expired lists.

Thats a general idea on how to buy and sell domains
kevin ham on domaining
buy domains blog

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