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Flash Cards are a time tested effective method to teach children to do elementary math problems and to memorize the solutions to these math problems. Many teachers recommend these exercises to hone kids math skills. Math-N-Flash kids math software provides this flash card experience with the experience and fun of interacting with a computer. The child can work alone or under supervision. This kids math software uses flash cards for learning fun. This elementary math software is perfect for home school or tutored kids.Hered-deOaos what Math-N-Flash Version 2 can do:Vary the level of complexity by changing the both numbers of the problem up to 99.Set a range for the upper and lower numbers for addition, sbtraction and multiplication.Vary the number of Math Flash cards in each game.Vary the math functions for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or any combination.Use the timer to time each card Uup or down) and the entire game.3 answer entry formats:1 single number entry for easy memorized problems.Separate entry for units, tens and hundreds so your child can work the problem.Mouse click entry for supervised games.optional ScratchPad carry boxInstant display of the previous problem with the correct answer.Optional sound for right and wrong answers.Personalize game reports and worksheetsCreate Math Worksheets (Sample Here)Each game produces a report that can be displayed, saved or printed. The report shows each problem, indicated correct or wrong, shows the time for each problem and totals the score and time. Saving these reports is an excellent way to track progress.

Flash Cards are a time tested effective method ... Flash cards are a time tested effective method to teach children.

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