Algebra Cheat 2 v.1.0.1


Simplifies any algebraic expression, Solves Simple Equations, Solves Quadratic Equations and Solves Simultaneous equations. A great tool for polynomial multiplication, Algebra Cheat 2 is even capable of polynomial division, try it and see. To help you learn and understand Algebra, Algebra Cheat 2 also provides a full and detailed explanation of how the simplification or solution of an equation was done. Algebra Cheat 2 Features List : Simplify any Algebra expression Simplify any Algebra equationAddition and Subtraction of any algebra expressions Multiplication of any algebra expressions Addition and Subtraction of any polynomials Multiplication and Division of any Polynomials Solves any simple linear equation Solves Simultaneous linear equations of up to 5 variables Solves any quadratic equation of one variable Factorises quadratic equations of one variable Detailed explanation of Solution

Simplifies any algebraic expression, Solves ...

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