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Hold Ctrl key down and double click a word to display all verses with related words. Backspace to go back. Root search shows 2816 words related to the name of God: "Allah" while exact search shows 2265 exact "Allah" words but only Allah (swt), His Prophet (pbuh+f), and the 12 Imams (as) know THE WHOLE TRUTH.QuranCode supports the following letter-valuation systems:Text Simplification Mode = { Original, Simplified37, Simplified31, Simplified29, Simplified28, user-defined }Letter Order System = { Alphabet, Appearance, Frequency, Abjad, English, user-defined }Letter Value System = { Linear, Primes, Composites, Frequency, Gematria, Fibonacci, user-defined }QuranCode also supports, dynamically calculated letter-value systems based on current part/chapter/verse selection, or on the currently highlighted text, with optionally letter/word/verse/chapter positions.

Hold Ctrl key down and double click a word to ... QuranCode is a comprehensive Quran similarity and numerical research tool.

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