Master Keystroke Logger v.11.12.01


Master Keystroke Logger is a keylogger which allows you to find out what other people are doing on your computer when you are gone. It is designed for the hidden computer monitoring and the monitoring of the computer activity.Master Keystroke Logger logs just the keystrokes. If you want more, the programmers at ElectraSoft have logging tools that will make Master Keystroke Logger log anything you want logged. To get the exact logging tools, that you want, added to Master Keystroke Logger, contact the people at ElectraSoft. For a fee, they will customize Master Keystroke Logger to do exactly what you need it to do. Only you will know what it does!Master Keystroke Logger is sold for the purpose of promoting computer security.You can configure it to email the log to any email address or list of addresses you specify. You configure it to send the information when and where you want. It can be configured to run manually or auto start, visible or invisible-hidden mode.Imagine awakening in the morning just as you would on a regular day, knowing that your business computers are all safe and secure because you have a log of all keystrokes waiting you in your email inbox. Now, this is a reality with Master Keystroke Logger. Let me show you just how it works... Install Master Keystroke Logger on your computer, configure it, be sure to tell it to auto-run invisibility by selecting the [Auto-run at startup, invisible, hide] option then click the [! Hide now !] button and delete the Desktop Master Keystroke Logger ICON. Start your office toward an edge in productivity. Become one of the well equipped workplaces of the future. Do it today! Master Keystroke Logger features:# This keystroke logger logs all keystrokes.# Sends the report to the specified email addresses.# Works in standard or hidden-invisible mode.# Master Keystroke Logger is not detected by antivirus software.

Master Keystroke Logger is a keylogger which ...

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  • Master Keystroke Logger
  • 11.12.01
  • WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Shareware
  • 2.45 Mb
  • 202

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