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Chord Practice Buddy is the first piano software program of its kind. I found it to be an indispensable tool to achieve my goals in playing the piano by ear. Chord Practice Buddy is a teaching, training/drills/practice piano chords program and a game all rolled into one. Do you know how to form major, minor, diminished, augmented and lots of other chords? Thats good, but if I tell you to play a G sharp diminished seventh in second inversion, can you play it without hesitating? You dont want to ask friends or family all the time to call out chords for you to play? You like to play from lead sheets or fake books but you need some more chord practice? Then this is the program for you! Check out the screenshot to get an idea of the features of the program. There are two ways to practice: 1) With a MIDI-cable. The program will present you with a chord for you to play and give you feedback if you play it correctly or not (or if you play it in the wrong inversion). 2) Without a MIDI-cable. If you dont have a MIDI-cable, then naturally the program cannot give you any feedback. What it does is present you with a new chord every 2, 3 or 4 seconds and you just have to play it before it presents you with a new chord. This way you still train your reflexes and improve your chord playing

Chord Practice Buddy is the first piano ...

practice, software, sight, read, reading, piano, keyboard, chords, chord family, minor, major, intervals, notes, clef, treble, bass, inversions, root, scale, melodic

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