Scid Vs PC v.4.7


Scid vs PC is a usability and bug-fix fork of Scid (written by Shane Hudson and Pascal Georges). With it you can play chess online or against the computer, browse tournaments downloaded in pgn format, and create huge chess databases.features:See changes for a comprehensive changelog.Improvements over Scid * Powerful Computer Tournament feature. * Rewritten Gamelist widget: deleted items are greyed, a Compact button, and the Database Switcher resides here. * Improved Tactical Game and FICs features. * Clickable Variation Arrows, and Paste Variation feature. * Separate board sections are hideable via right-click. * A re-done Button Bar with nicer look and feel. * Restructured Analysis Engines widget. The F2 hotkeys can be set explicitly, Engine 1 can be docked into the Status Bar, and any number of engines may run at one time. * The Chessboard/Pieces config widget has been totally overhauled. There are some new colour and tile theme, and great piece set available if the optional TkImg package is installed. * The Setup Start Board has many fixes and improvements. Annoyingly, if Scid uses a tiled theme, it's setup board is displayed a different colour. * The Help index is now meaningful to new users, with links to the game's main features. * The Comment editor has been overhauled, and is much more stream-lined. * The Docked Mode and Theme features of Scid are not included.Features not currently implemented * No undo * Fulvio's delayed tree code isn't included as it still has minor issues * Language translations need updating

Scid vs PC is a usability and bug-fix fork of ...

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