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SimpleDaemon is a fork of Shane Hathaway's script.ExampleWriting a daemon requires creating two files, a daemon file and a configuration file with the same simpledaemonimport loggingimport timeclass HelloDaemon(simpledaemon.Daemon): default_conf = '/etc/hellodaemon.conf' section = 'hello' def run(self): while True:'The daemon says hello') time.sleep(1)if __name__ == '__main__': HelloDaemon().main()hellodaemon.conf:[hello]uid =gid =pidfile = ./hellodaemon.pidlogfile = ./hellodaemon.logloglevel = infoHere are some key features of "SimpleDaemon":?’A· reads the command line?’A· reads a configuration file?’A· configures logging?’A· calls root-level setup code?’A· drops privileges?’A· calls user-level setup code?’A· detaches from the controlling terminal?’A· checks and writes a pidfile#md5=10ab1ebe102ed17ed452c119cd4c5a1a

SimpleDaemon is a fork of Shane Hathaway's ... Provides a simple daemon class to ease the process of forking a Python application on Unix systems ...

  • SimpleDaemon
  • 1.0.1
  • Don Spaulding
  • Linux
  • Freeware
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