Microsoft .NET Services SDK v.July 2009 CTP


This SDK includes API libraries, tools, samples, and documentation for building connected applications with the .NET platform. It spans the entire spectrum of todayd-deOaos Internet applications d-deOCt from rich connected applications with advanced connectivity requirements to Web-style applications that use simple protocols such as HTTP and Atom to communicate with the broadest possible range of clients.InstructionsYou can double-click the MSI and use the wizard to install the SDK, or you can use the command line. If the latter, * To install with all the defaults, run: msiexec /I NetServicesSDK.msi /qn * To install in a custom folder run the following command line: msiexec /I NetServicesSDK.msi APPLICATIONFOLDER=C:CustomFolder /qn, where C:CustomFolder is the drive and path where you want the application to install * To install everything but the samples and the documentation: msiexec /I NetServicesSDK.msi INSTALL_SAMPLES=0 INSTALL_DOCUMENTS=0 /qn * To repair the current install, run: msiexec /I NetServicesSDK.msi REINSTALL=ALL /qn. Note that even if REINSTALL is set to ALL, only those features that were already installed previously are reinstalled * To uninstall from command line you just run: msiexec /X NetServicesSDK.msi /qn * To uninstall some of the features, you need to pass the REMOVE property a list of features delimited by commas that are to be removed. For example, to remove samples and documentation, use: msiexec /I NetServicesSDK.msi REMOVE=Feature_Samples,Feature_Document /qn

This SDK includes API libraries, tools, ... Microsoft .

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  • Microsoft .NET Services SDK
  • July 2009 CTP
  • Microsoft Co
  • Win Vista, Window2008, Windows 7
  • Shareware
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