Mersenne Twister for Visual Basic .NET v.2.3


Mersenne Twister is a long period, fast, high quality pseudorandom number generator. Its period is 219937-1 (approximately 106002). This Visual Basic .NET code produces over 60 million, 32-bit pseudorandom integers per second on a 2.66 GHz Intel Core2 Duo processor.MT has a sound theoretical basis and has been tested thoroughly. It exhibits equidistribution in 623 dimensions. mt19937ar.vb has functions to produce 32- and 64-bit integers, as well as 32- and 53-bit precision reals. In all, mt19937ar.vb provides fifteen equidistribution generator functions and three initializing methods. Saving a generator's state to a file and loading it later is simple.mt19937ar.vb has been tested successfully against the original authors' mt19937ar.c code by generating 100 million integers and 100 million reals with both, and comparing the entire outputs.mt19937ar.vb passes George Marsalia's Diehard tests.mt19937ar.vb implements MT as a VB class. Code is included in a separate file to demonstrate use of the VB class in your program. Test code for the class is also included to duplicate the original authors' mt19937ar.out file.mt19937ar.vb has not been compiled with VB2003. (If you compile it with VB2003, please contact me.) It will not compile with VB 6 or earlier.

Mersenne Twister is a long period, fast, high ... A long period, fast, high quality pseudorandom number generator.

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