HPC Debugger Add-ons for MPI and Cluster-SOA v.3.1.3267


This package has been updated in December 2010 to add official support for debugging Durable Session Cluster-SOA clients on Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 clusters through Visual Studio 2010.This package includes two features to ease debugging HPC applications.The first feature integrates the d-de?F5d-deOao experience of launching the Visual Studio 2008 MPI Cluster Debugger for C++ MPI applications and your Windows HPC Server 2008 environment, for a better and more integrated debugging experience. A new tool window where you can specify the nodes that the debugging session will use is included. A project template for C/C++ MPI programs is also included.The second feature enables a similar d-de?F5d-deOao experience for Cluster-SOA applications for debugging on the cluster. Three different debugging styles are enabled: (i) debugging all of the services simultaneously, (ii) debugging all requests made to a service on a specified machine, and (iii) debugging specific requests. Cluster-SOA clients that use Durable Sessions are able to use debugging style (i) and (ii) above. For both features, once your break points are set and the debugger settings are specified you only have to press d-de?F5d-deOao to launch the debugger. Pressing d-de?F5d-deOao deploys your application binaries and the remote debugger, and submits a job to the scheduler. When the job is scheduled the MPI or Cluster-SOA service processes start under the control of the remote debugger. Instructions1a. For Visual Studio 2008: Download the HPCDebugger_VS2008.msi package to the same machine where you are developing using Visual Studio.1b. For Visual Studio 2010: Download the SOADebugger_VS2010.msi package to the same machine where you are developing using Visual Studio.2. Close Visual Studio.3. Install the package by double clicking on the icon.4. Select the type of cluster you are developing Cluster-SOA applications for.5. When you start Visual Studio the debugger configuration tool window is available by clicking Tools->Cluster Debugger Configuration.6. The cluster-soa debugger is available to C# Cluster-SOA client projects.

This package has been updated in December 2010 ... The HPC Debugger is an add-in for Visual Studio that helps launch remote debugging sessions for MPI or SOA applications running on a Microsoft HPC cluster.

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  • HPC Debugger Add-ons for MPI and Cluster-SOA
  • 3.1.3267
  • Microsoft Corporation.
  • WinXP, Win2003, Win Vista, Window2008
  • Shareware
  • 942 Kb
  • 386

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