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FramworkGen is a .Net ORM that generates the data access persistance code for windows and web applications. FrameworkGen generates C# 2.0 code and above in an 3 Tier architecture. By simply selecting a SQL Server database, FrameworkGen will build Stored Procedures in SQL Server and a Bussiness and Data Layer in C#. This greatly reduces the time developers spend on writing data access code while imporoving the quality of the overall architecture.

Developers will have more time to focus on business/functional development taks.

The data access code FrameworkGen Generates is database neutral although FrameworkGen itself currently works with SQL Server only. The data retrieval code uses SqlDataReaders for read only forward only data retrieval which provides the most optimal performance.

There are many code generator tools on the market. In my experience some of them have been very unituitive to use and the code that has been generated is not always that easy at first to understand and modify. The code that FrameworkGen generates is very simple, powerful and easy to change and work with. Key advantages of using FrameworkGen are:

* Designed for C# .NET 2.0 and above new features like nullable types, partial classes and Generics are used.
* Both the code generation tool and generated code and very intuitive and easy to use.
* Data access performance is excleent through the use of SqlDataReaders. See here for some performance benchmark testing.
* FrameworkGen runs right out of the box and doesn't require you to learn a templating language. It takes less than 2 minutes to setup and build your code generated project.
* Various partial classes are generated to allow you to extend generated functionality. These classes will not be overwritten so your extensions will not be lost.
* Framework will generate an n-unit test project that can be used to verify that CRUD and various functions are working correctly.
* Inversion of control (IoC) can be configured for data componments.
* Business components can provide entity caching support.

FramworkGen is a .Net ORM that generates the ...

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  • FrameworkGen
  • 01 Jul 12
  • Lee Crowe
  • WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64
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