Cubicweb-folder v.1.8.0


cubicweb-folder allows to create a tree of categories and classify entities as you're used to do in a file-system.Usage:Define the relation `filed_under` in the schema, object must contain all entities which can be classified in a folder... sourcecode:: python class missing_filed_under(RelationDefinition): name = 'filed_under' subject = ('ExtProject', 'Project', 'Card', 'File') object = 'Folder'The `FoldersBox` shows the folders hierarchy as a tree view. It's not visible by default (user can activate it using their preferences) but you can activate it by default using the code snippet below:.. sourcecode:: python from cubes.folder.views import FoldersBox # make the folders box visible by default FoldersBox.visible = True#md5=fe70dcf46954603ae8dd88718542d80f

cubicweb-folder allows to create a tree of ... Folder component for the CubicWeb framework ...

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  • 1.8.0
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