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Cat is a functional stack-based programming language inspired by the Joy programming language. The primary differences is that Cat provides a static type system with type inferencing (like ML or Haskell), and a term rewriting macro language extension language called MetaCat.Cat is a high-level intermediate language translation that can also be used as a stand alone language for simple application development. In this way it occupies a Similar niche to PostScript. Cat is also an appropriate language for teaching of basic programming concepts.* C# interpreter and MSIL byte-code compiler - official implementation* Online Cat interpreter - a Cat interpreter written in javascript.* Cat in Scheme - a separate project for embedding Cat in Scheme by Ben ChambersDevelopment on the following Cat implementations are in suspended animation, but may be revived at any time:* Cat in Python - implementation by Andrew Nelis* Cat in Haskell - simple implementation of Cat by Stefan Monnier as a Haskell embedding* Cat in Haskell using monads - simple implementation of Cat in Haskell using Monads by Pied

Cat is a functional stack-based programming ...

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  • Christopher Diggins cat
  • 1.0 Beta 4
  • Christopher Diggins
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