Business::BankAccount::NZ v.0.02


Business::BankAccount::NZ is a Perl module that provides validation on New Zealand bank account numbers.The extent of the validation is simply that the account number is checked to ensure that it conforms with the notion of an account number laid out in the 'Bank Account Number Check Digit Validation Routines' brochure prepared by the Bank of New Zealand, dated 27 October, 1999.Thus the module does not tell you whether or not a given bank account number is an actual account known to the bank, just that it is a valid number according to their rules.The module uses validation code developed by John Bolland.SYNOPSIS use Business::BankAccount::NZ; # Returns a hash table with bank data in it (if specified) my $nz = Business::BankAccount::NZ->new( bank_no => '030510', account_no => '072049700' ); # Or set the bank and account numbers independantly of new() my $nz = Business::BankAccount::NZ->new(); $nz->set_bank_no('086523'); $nz->set_account_no('1954512001'); # Either way, you'd validate the account number with... $nz->validate() or die "$nz->{error_string}"; print $nz->{error_string} if ($nz->{error}); print "The bank name is " . $nz->{bank_name} . "";

Business::BankAccount::NZ is a Perl module ... Validates New Zealand bank account numbers ...

  • Business::BankAccount::NZ
  • 0.02
  • Simon Taylor
  • Linux
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