Blueprint Software Modeler - Community Edition v.1.0.3


Blueprint Software Modeler FREE Community Edition is a complete free UML2.1 compliant modeling tool integrated with Eclipse3.2, providing non-commercial users access to State of the Art modeling software. Supports most important UML diagrams. Blueprint Software Modeler FREE Community Edition A complete UML2.1 compliant modeling tool, providing non-commercial users access to State of the Art modeling software at zero costs integrated with Eclipse3.2. The Community Edition supports the most important diagrams: - Use Case Diagram - Class Diagram - Activity Diagram - State Machine Diagram - Component Diagram - Package Diagram Additional diagrams currently under development will be included shortly. These are: - Sequence Diagram - Communication Diagram - Interaction Overview Diagram - Composite Structure Diagram - Timing Diagram - Object Diagram - Deployment Diagram Features: - UML2.1 implementation builds up on the Eclipse UML2.1 Metamodel implementation. - syntax checking and syntax coloring. - Automatically validates your design through its validation engine; checks all UML2.1 constructs. - Complete implementation of the UML2.1 specification, supporting all features of UML2.1 constructs. - Fully integrated with Eclipse3.2 (Callisto release) - Extended Documentation on all UML constructs; changes in the Model are automatically reflected in the documentation - Detailed requirements whereby the quality (sub)characteristics are described according the ISO 9126 Standard - Copy/Paste - Drag/Drop - Printing

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  • Blueprint Software Modeler - Community Edition
  • 1.0.3
  • @-portunity B.V.
  • Windows
  • Freeware
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