ISQLme v.1.0.04


A must have tool for working with the MSDE and MS SQL Server. Like Query Analyzer only easier to use. Designed to save you looking up syntax on the online books all the time. It has been crafted with a fine set of templates, shortcut keys and common tasks that make almost any SQL task a breeze. From a development perspective it is able to quickly script any database object. Useful for both creating new objects and checking the design of existing ones. After producing scripts ISQLME can format the query into Delphi code making the process even faster. It even includes some stripping procedures for turning coded SQL into straight SQL and even removing the #10, #13 and garbage delimiters in delphi"s variable inspector. From a support perspective you can track down database errors, inconsistencies (eg duplicate records, bad keys). You can also update data in an editable grid to save you writting SQL update statements.

A must have tool for working with the MSDE and ...

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