COM API v.2.4


COM API - virtual serial ports creation and management software.

What needs does COM API meet?

- Essentially reduces development efforts for creation of applications with virtual ports interaction

- Allows creating systems with legacy components which could transfer data only to serial port

- Allows taking serial stream and converting data using any other protocol.

In what situations COM API can be used?

- When it is needed to create and control virtual com-ports without writing system components

- To add support of virtual serial ports to your own application

- If you have the software, which works with some device connected to COM port and you want to capture all the data that goes to and from the port. Just create one virtual port and command the application to use it. Now you can monitor all data that application writes to the port and redirects it to the real COM port. And vice versa, you monitor all data coming from the device and redirect it to the virtual port

Use COM API if you want:

- To create virtual connection between virtual com ports on null modem principle

- To emulate physical devices presence

- To implement serial data stream convertation

- To encapsulate your protocol into serial

- To insert any data into serial stream

- To represent your data stream as serial

- To present any stream of data in a convenient way for terminal programs interfaces

- If it is needed to obtain data from virtual com-ports in order then it could be transferred to other application or network.

COM API helps you to save your money and time!

The software is easy-to-use & is highly SECURE.

Virtual serial ports creation and management. Virtual serial ports creation and management software. If it is needed to create and control virtual com-ports without writing system components use COM API. The software is easy-to-use & is highly SECURE. Try COM API demo version for free!

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