XGBook2 v.2.1


XGBook 2.1 - Adobe Flash Component that provides a XML based UI for making e-books with page turning effect (page flip). - New - Can insert as many pages as you want. New page loading system applyed. It does not affect the page-turning effect or speed (no matter how many pages are attached). - New - Smoother page-turning effect. - New - New Controller attached (Controller visible policy- auto, always, never) - New -Help button attached to the Controller. (Can define the link in the xml file) - New -Sounds on/off button attached to the Controller. - New -Type the page number in the Controller and go straight to that page. - New -Can use left/right/enter keys on your keyboard to navigate through the pages. - Book thickness attached to look like real book. (Define the thick your book will look in xml file - 0 no thickness - 8 max thickness.) - Book shadow attached. Define Shadow Alpha Channel in xml file to modify shadow darkness. - Combobox included in Controller to navigate easily. Define page label in xml file and pages will appear in the combobox. - Fast page turning when using Controller Buttons and Combobox. - Possibility to change theme color to the Controller. - Print options added: Print Left Page, Print Right Page, and Print Both pages. - Zoom In, Zoom Out functions and Zoom 1:1 - Scale option added : scaleStep, minScale, maxScale. - Can attach sounds easily by defining the xml file: button rollOver sound, button click sound, and page flip sound. - Move book around by dragging it. - Load images and SWF Flash files as book pages from the xml file. Do not need to save them in a flash library. - and much more MANUAL AND SAMPLES: With the MXP Extension you will also find a "help_XGBook2" folder. Samples and Manual can be found in here. LICENCE AGREEMENT: By installing this extension and using this product you agree to the attached Licence AgreementS (generalLicence.pdf and sp

XGBook 2.1 - Adobe Flash Component that ...

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  • XGBook2
  • 2.1
  • WildFlip Ltd
  • Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, Mac OS X, Unix, L
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