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Social Service 102809 makes it easy for you to write applications that integrate leading social networks such as Facebook and MySpace into your apps. The service, implemented through an easy to use API, provides an abstraction layer that connects with different networks.This removes the complexity and repetitive work of having to implement multiple APIs in order to integrate social features from multiple social networks into your application. The service also insulates developers against underlying social network changes, as the underlying APIs at the supported social networks change, the service adapts to those changes so you don"t have to rush updated versions of your app to market.Additional social networks will become available in the future and will work with existing applications with little additional development effort. The capabilities in the Social service are powered by Gigya. Major Features: Authenticate: Authenticate users in two clicks. The supported networks can be implemented as identity providers.Supported networks: Supported networks: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, AOLExtract Profile InformationAfter the user has authenticated to the social network of their choice, developers can extract and use the user"s profile information such as name, email, photo, birth date, gender, location, and interests within the application. Friend lists with information such as friends" names, email address, photo, birth date, and gender can also be accessed.This information can be used to make the application more personalized for the user. For example, the application can display a "most popular" list determined by what a user"s friends have viewed, or target content based on a user"s specific location. Users can also interact with their friends from within the application. For instance, users can invite their friends to play a multi-user game.Post status updatesUsers can promote your content by sending status updates, tweets, or notifications into their social network, driving friends back to your site.For example, you can encourage users to challenge their friends to play your game.Requirements:Adobe Flash Player 9Adobe AIR 1.5 and higher

Social Service 102809 makes it easy for you to ...

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