RoboCopy Integration Pack v.1.0


The RoboCopy Integration Pack brings the robocopy's functionality into orchestrator's UI.Yes, you could just run the robocopy with the run command activity and deal with all the switches - it can be done, but hey ! the costumers always want to see more orcherstrator functionality and less straight uses of existed windows tools.I'm sure you will find it very useful.So.. how to work with the Activity: Drag the "Orchestrated RoboCopy" and select from the list box the relevant flagsswitches... The "source folder" and "Destination Folder" are Folder select dialogs, but you can fill in text too. the Files field is *.* by default, but can be changed, for example like this: *.txt *.jpg (space separated) Fields that will be empty won't be used as an option.

The RoboCopy Integration Pack brings the ... The RoboCopy Integration Pack brings the robocopyOCOs functionality into orchestratorOCOs UI.

folder, source, files, field

  • RoboCopy Integration Pack
  • 1.0
  • Sharon Abarbanel
  • Win All
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