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PCQNG 2.0 is a product known as ComScire's next generation true random number generator. The PCQNG extracts a minimum of 2000 true entropy bits per second from hardware already present in your computer. The entropy is used to generate true random numbers for use in custom applications or in free applications provided by ComScire. Custom user programs simply access the PCQNG ActiveX control to get 32-bit integers, uniform, or normal random numbers.ComScire's free applications include PCQNGPick, a lottery picker type application and PCQNGFile, a random number file generator. Also included is ComScire's popular RNGmeter (PCQNG 2.0 Edition), which allows continuous statistical testing of the PCQNG and other RNG sources. The PCQNG passes Diehard and all other well-known tests. Common uses for the PCQNG include data encryption, random key and password generation, lotto selection, and random table or list selector.

PCQNG 2.0 is a product known as ComScire's ...

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