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NiceGrid is a free Delphi component that aimed to be a standard string Grid replacement. It is written from scratch, not descended from TStringGrid. The main reason why I write this component is to have a grid component that nice and smooth. Here's some feature of NiceGrid:* Headers can be merged and or multilined.* Smooth scrolling, not aligned to top left cell coordinate.* All Aspect of grid colors can be customized: header light color, header dark color, header color, grid color, text color, etc.; resulting a real nice looking grid.* Alternate row color.* Can be customized at design time.* Each column can have its own horizontal and vertical alignment, color, and font.* Each column can be hidden.* Can be auto fit to width.* Can be auto calculate column width.# Bug fixed: OnCellChange event and friends only fired by user input, not by code (It seems that this behavior conforms with VCL design. I just get the point. ;-)# Bug fixed: messing up with accelerator keys. NiceGrid can't Capture Chars that already defined as accelerators of other control. This is fixed now.

NiceGrid is a free Delphi component that aimed ... A free Delphi component that aimed to be a standard string grid ...

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  • NiceGrid Component
  • 2.20
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  • WinXP, Win2000, Win98
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