NTSet v.1.15b


NTSet is a powerful collection of components for Delphi/C++Builder that implement specific features of Windows 2000/NT.You can utilize this collection to make the task of programming Windows API a great deal easier. Check out what you can do with NTSet:- Configure Windows NT services;- Work with the event log as simply as with TStringList;- Manage the information on users and groups;- Manage shared devices, monitor connected users, and the recources used;- Assign access rights for files on NTFS;- Configure registry security settings;- Control the privileges given to the users;- Verify users'credentials against Windows NT Domain;- Retrieve and set a variety of setting for network computers;- Send messages over the network to a remote computer;- Browse network resources and connected devices;- Monitor terminal service sessions;- Schedule tasks for execution on network computers;- Configure the firewall under Windows XP and higher;- Configure group policies on standalone computers or in Active Directory;- Browse for existing group policy objects;- Browse for Active Directory containers.Please note: the provided version supports Delphi 2006. You can download NTSet for D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D2005, C++ B1, C++ B3, C++ B4, C++ B5, C++ B6, C++ B2006 from the vendor's web site.

NTSet is a powerful collection of components ...

delphi, sharing, event log, services, windows 2000 nt, privileges

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