File::Searcher v.0.91


File::Searcher is a searches for files and performs search/replacements on matching files. SYNOPSIS use File::Searcher, my $search = File::Searcher->new(*.cgi), $search->add_expression(name=>street, search=>1234 Easy St., replace=>456 Hard Way, options=>i), $search->add_expression(name=>department, search=>(Dept.|Department)(s+)(d+), replace=>$1$2$3, options=>im), $search->add_expression(name=>place, search=>Portland, OR(.*?)97212, replace=>Vicksburg, MI${1}49097, options=>is), $search->start, # $search->interactive, SEE File::Searcher::Interactive @files_matched = $search->files_matched, print "Files Matchedn", print "t" . join("nt", @files_matched) . "n", print "Total Files:t" . $search->file_cnt . "n", print "Directories:t" . $search->dir_cnt . "n", my @files_replaced = $search->expression(street)->files_replaced, my @files_replaced = $search->expression($expression)->files_replaced, my %matches = $search->expression(street)->matches, my %replacements = $search->expression(street)->replacements, File::Searcher allows for the traversing of a directory tree for files matching a Perl regular expression. When a match is found, the statistics are stored and if the file is a text file a series of searches and replacements can be performed. File::Searcher has options that allow for backing-up / archiving files and has OO access to reporting and statistics of matches and replacements.

File::Searcher is a searches for files and ...

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