G2 - Glow Grey v.0.14


The theme for gnome G2 (Grey Glow) uses the Clearlooks engine as a basis to draw the controls on your desktop, taking as its metacity window border to decorate the frame or window of your environment. Installation is quite simple just by unzipping the file you made the download to the folder "/ home / your-User / .themes," or as "root" user by copying the contents unzipped to the directory "/ usr / share / themes, then go to System-> Preferences-> Appearance and on the "theme" select "G2 - Grey Glow" to activate it on your desktop. As mentioned above you need the motor (engine) to run the Clearlooks theme "Grey G2 Glow", otherwise the visuali?“A§?“??o theme will be compromised. This can be resolvidor installing the appropriate engine "Clearlooks" available in the repositories of the distribution you are working.

The theme for gnome G2 (Grey Glow) uses the ...

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