Arowana Deluxe Aquarium v.1.02


Arowana Deluxe Aquarium animated wallpapers and screen savers features different species of Arowana fish and also known as (Dragon fish) including Green Arowana, Black Arowana, Blood Red Arowana, Silver Arowana, Golden Arowana, Silver Scale, and Light Silver Arowana. In a well planted aquarium settings with Broadleaf, java Fern, Amazon Sword plants and drift woods. Because of Arowana's unique characters have made this beauty fish one of the most highly prized, priced, and sought after fish in the aquarium trade.

With this animated wallpaper, you will be able to display this magnificent fish in the maintenance-free and feeding-free Arowana Aquarium right on your desktop.

Real colorful fish (not 3D draw); indepently mute wallpapers sounds, without affecting your music play
One click option to hide/un-hide icons
Multiple screen setting to meet your personal preference of screen display
Options to set it to auto or run manually when you are on the mood
No other special requirements of pricey hardware or software to run

Green arowana aquarium.

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  • Arowana Deluxe Aquarium
  • 1.02
  • 27 Feb 14
  • MAC N PC Software
  • Win10 x32, Win10 x64, WinXP, Win Vista, Win Vista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win8 x32, Win8 x64
  • Shareware
  • 5.42 Mb
  • 611
  • $13.95
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Version Date Released Release Notes
1.02 27.02.2014 New

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