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Shelisp is a very short program that provides mechanisms for composing and running Unix shell (particularly bash) commands and constructs from Common Lisp.To run shelisp, say at the command prompt:lisp -load shelisp.lispThis should start CMU Common Lisp and provide the prompt, *. A more convenient form could be to start emacs, and issue the command M-x cmulisp that will start an `inferior lisp' mode with cmu; then, say:(load "shelisp.lisp")The bang (!) escape to shellNow you can say (the '*' is already put there by cmulisp):* !lsAnd it will execute the shell ls command (by running a bash instance and passing the command to it.Of course, you are actually in Lisp. You can try this:* (defun factorial (x) (if (zerop x) 1 (* x (factorial (1- x)))))FACTORIAL* (factorial 33)8683317618811886495518194401280000000So, if you enter ``!'' the rest of the line (until the first end of line that is not escaped with a ``'') is interpreted as a bash command and the result is printed on the standard output.Now try:* !echo ?(+ 2 3) zuzu5zuzuThe `?' is the 'lisp escape'. It is followed by an s-expression which is read, executed and printed (with princ) and the printed result replaces the `?' and the expression in the shell command. It can be any Lisp expression.* !echo ?(+ 2/3 2/11) "

Shelisp is a very short program that provides ... Shelisp is a very short program that provides mechanisms for composing and running Unix shell.

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