ConceptBase v.7.3


ConceptBase is a multi-user deductive object manager mainly intended for conceptual modeling and coordination in design environments. The system implements O-Telos, a dialect of Telos which amalgamates properties of deductive and object-oriented languages. Key features are * availability on multiple platforms (Windows 2000/XP, Linux i386/x64, Solaris Sun/i386, Mac) * logical, frame-like, and graphical network views on the object store * unlimited extensibility by meta class hierarchies * deductive rules & integrity constraints as attributes of classes * queries as classes with membership constraints * complex views as extension of query classes * user-definable answer formats for queries and views * active rules with the ability to database updates and external program calls * persistent object store with access to historical states of the database * cost-based and semantic query optimization * meta-level rules and constraints for axiomatic language extension (improved in V7.0) * efficient active rule processor integrated into integrity checker (improved in V7.0) * sophisticated graphical editor with user-definable node and link shapes (improved in V7.0) * programming interface based on declarative ASK and TELL methods

ConceptBase is a multi-user deductive object ... ConceptBase is a multi-user deductive object manager mainly intended for conceptual modeling and.

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