FakeBold Font patches for QT v.4.3.x 0.2


FakeBold Font patches for QT 4.3.x fake a bold font style and output for some fonts without bold support.It is specially and very useful for CJK fonts. actually it works with all fonts without bold style.Here I use FT_Glyph_Embolden to get a bold glyph.These patches is not related to font rendering result, if you want to control font rendering result, please control fontconfig configurations.Screenshot1: shows bold/bolditalic support with "SOng" and "Hei" Chinese font.Screenshot1: shows bold/italic support for Chinese,Korean,Yi,Tibetan with Sans fontset(Song,SIL Yi, Tibetan machine uni fonts)

FakeBold Font patches for QT 4.3.x fake a bold ... A bold font style and output for some fonts without bold support ...

  • FakeBold Font patches for QT
  • 4.3.x 0.2
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