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The Most Effective Internet Advertising EverOur proprietary technology, protected internationally by Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT/CA2006/000138 as well as an additional international provisional patent, is a breakthrough in Internet advertising. Instead of having to pay for costly Google AdWords or banner advertising, PeerMatrix allows you to reach 200 million potential customers using Peer-To-Peer (P2P) networks S at no cost to you. To get started with PeerMatrix, all you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and our free PeerMatrix software. Simply download and install PeerMatrix, and in as little as 10 minutes you can be sending your advertising to 200 million P2P users all over the Internet.PeerMatrix Is Right For YouNo matter how large or small your business, you can put PeerMatrix to work for you. If you're a small business owner, you can run PeerMatrix on one or more computers to distribute your advertising. If you're a large corporation, you can set up large numbers of inexpensive PCs to flood P2P networks with your advertising message. Best of all, you can run PeerMatrix on as many computers as you want at no cost to you S there are never any license or other fees to use our software. Even if you don't have a business, PeerMatrix makes a great no-cost alternative to running classified ads. If you're trying to sell a car, a computer, or other item, running PeerMatrix for a week or two will bring you far more potential customers than a classified ad.PeerMatrix Is Built for AdvertisingUnlike regular P2P clients, PeerMatrix was designed and built from the ground up as the ultimate P2P advertising tool. PeerMatrix's AdMorph technology works in conjunction with our patent-pending WideReach technology, enabling PeerMatrix to distribute your advertising to millions of P2P users, far beyond the reach of a simple P2P client. These two technologies are what separate PeerMatrix from ordinary P2P clients. Unlike ordinary P2P clients, PeerMatrix was built from the ground up to flood P2P networks with your advertising message to give your business the greatest possible exposure.

The Most Effective Internet Advertising ...

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