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OptionsXL Pro is a ready-to-use solution for options data download and analysis in MS Excel. It is designed to help traders perform precise market analysis and make reasonable decisions. OptionsXL Pro is provided as a ready Excel workbook set up for a specific ticker the user needs. OptionsXL Pro works seamlessly in Microsoft Excel environment and supports one workbook per one option chain. TraderXL and AnalyzerXL packages buyers are eligible to obtain 5 and 3 OptionsXL Pro workbooks, respectively. OptionsXL Pro main features: - Ability to store and display options historical prices, - Ticker data download and various types of Historical Volatility calculation (with charts), - Portfolio price is automatically recalculated according to further options data download, - After the historical theoretical options price is prepared (for a specific option and Strike) and a chart is built the values in the spreadsheet are automatically recalculated according to newly downloaded historical data for the ticker, - Charts and diagrams showing both Calls and Puts: - Liquidity, - Volume, - Market and theoretical prices dependency, - Real volatility (shows what market ?thinks? about an option and stock), - Greeks, - Open Interest, - Historical theoretical price, - And many other charts. - The charts and diagrams instantly connect data for various dates of expiration and options historical prices, - The prices can be calculated with account of commission of the following brokers: - TD AMERITRADE, - E*Trade, - Schwab, - Fidelity, - Trade Station. - New NavigateXL module is included. It provides quick and convenient navigation between the spreadsheets of the workbook as well as other useful features, - What if analysis function allows changing stock price and volatility values and watching how it is reflected in the charts.System Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 or higher, EARLSOFT 3D Tables LibraryEnhancements: - Added: NavigateXL module enabling easy-to-use and convenient navigation within the workbook, - Ticker data download and various types of Historical Volatility calculation (with charts), - The prices can be calculated with account of commission of the following brokers, - And much more.

OptionsXL Pro is a ready-to-use solution for ...

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  • OptionsXL Pro
  • 1.0.0
  • WinXP, Win7 x32, Windows2000, Windows2003, Window
  • Shareware
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