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You can build your own information structure to fit your own needs. Easy to build, quick to use and share your data.Without the database and programing knowledge, es-Builder is an ideal tool to keep your information in one place.If you are finding a software to keep Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, Notes, Daily Journals, Expenses and more, es-Builder is exactly what you've been looking for. It is FREE to use.Top 10 reasons to use es-Builder : * Build your personalized data structure to fit your own need. * You don't need to learn database concept to create data structure, including master-detail relationship. * Save money on various softwares to keep different informtaion. es-Builder already allows you to keep all data in one place. * Save time by choosing a pre-defined templates from our web site. You can also share the data structure to others. * Easily share the data by using table lookup in the es-Builder without any connection setting. * Quickly build a professional looking report by a simple of click. * Build-in View, Chart and Report features bring the data into another level. * Powerful searching data effectively in es-Builder to save your time. * 15+ different input controls with options to make your own input style. * 20+ themes from our library to make a stylish es-Builder.Key Features : * Highly Customizable - Build your personalized data structure to fit your own need. * Lookup - You can enable the "Lookup" feature of each field. It allows you to select the other table's data in easy way. * Master-Detail Table - Build a detail table easily. You don't have to learn the complex concept of Master-Detail relationship. Just one click to build it and use it. * Views, Charts, Reports - Build-in Views, Charts and Reports bring the data to another level. * Customize Input Layout - Easily arrange and customize the input layout and the input order of each table. * Choose Input Control = Choose different input control with options to make your own input style. * Powerful Search - Search data in any data type to save your time. Input 'monday' keyword to search all date fields which are on monday. * Shortcut Homepage - Drag the items (tables, views, charts and reports) into the homepage for fast access. * Tag Support - Each data is tag support. You can search data in the Tag Cloud. * Password Protection - Support password protection for each Book. * Mail Merge Support - Easily merge the data to a document. * Schedule Support - Keep track of your data activities, such as Employee Shift, Stock Rental and Room Booking in the Resources Schedule. PostHeaderIcon Table Features : * Data Format - Customize the display format and the input mask of each field. * Data Group - Assign the fields to the same group for convenient layout arrangement. * Expression Field - Use an expression in a field. This expression supports SQL function and operator. Example: [Price] * [Qty]. * Lookup Display Fields - Assign more than 1 field to display in the 'Lookup' feature. * External Lookup - Use an external book in the 'Lookup' feature. * Lookup Replacement - Replace the Field with specify value after a Lookup record is selected. * Lookup Advance Filter - Dynamically filter the Lookup table records. * Repository - Turn your data into a repository for sharing by setting a 'Lookup' location. * Fields Import Export - Import the fields from another book or another exported field list. * Multiple Detail Tables - Build more than 1 detail table in a single master table.PostHeaderIcon Input and Layout Features : * 15+ Input Controls - 15+ different input controls with options to make your own input style. * Auto Layout - Auto arrange the fields to the same group for the default layout. * Reset Layout - Reset the layout to default at anytime if you feel the current one is uncomfortable. * Layout Manager - Predefine different layouts from the layout manager. * Data Input Dialog - Input data using the data input dialog which has individual layout. * Multiple Data Selection - Check multiple data in the grid view for filtering and printing. * Filtering, Grouping and Sorting - Filter, group and sort the data in the very flexible grid view. * Complex Criteria - Build the complex criteria to filter the data. It supports AND, OR operator to get the best result. * Flexible Detail Table Layout - Arrange the detail tables in the card view. * Data Export - Export data to CSV format. * Data Import - Import data from the CSV file and the Book. PostHeaderIcon Views, Charts, Reports Features : * Unlimited Items - Create unlimited View, Chart and Report items. * Interaction - Tables, Views, Charts and Reports interact with each others. * Extra Report Components - Bar Code, Zip Code, Chart, Pivot Grid

You can build your own information structure ... es-Builder is a flexible, customizable, friendly, powerful and unique information manager for private personal use.

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